Arizona’s Preferred Pool Calcium Removal

  • Safe and Affordable Process to Clean Pool Tile, Pebble Tec, and Rocks/Water Features without effecting pool chemistry and water quality with the use of glass beads.
  • Break Down of Steps to Complete Process after Approval
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Step 1 (Set-up)

We will lower your pools water level just enough to expose the calcium on your pool tile, pebble-tec, rock, and water features. We never drain your pool completely. We normally only need to remove 3 to 4 inches of water to perform our calcium removal process.


Step 2 (Calcium removal)

Now that all of the calcium is exposed we will begin the removal process with our use of compressed air through an abrasive blaster with glass bead media. Glass bead is finer than sand and DOES NOT cause damage to tile or pebble tec. 

Our Tile Cleaning process is safe for your family and pets and will never scratch or damage your pool tile, pebble-tec, rock, or water features.


Step 3 (Results)

Now that you have calcium free tile, pebble-tec, rocks, and water features we will seal your pool tile, pebble-tec, rock, and water features with a product designed to slow down the return of calcium and help renew surfaces to brand new condition.